You can help SOMFAM improve the lives of Somali Immigrants by volunteering or donating items in need.


SOMFAM is in its start-up phase. We are looking for committed and resourceful volunteers to help us create a sound infrastructure as we work together to create a strong and vibrant nonprofit organization.

Become a valued member of our start-up team! Our volunteer needs will change over time. Please review the two lists of our current needs and determine how your skills, experiences, values and resources can serve today’s SOMFAM. We will work together to create the go-to organization that will serve the Somali community for years to come. 

If you would like to donate or volunteer, please fill out the form on this page and we will contact you to make further arrangements.

  • Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping 
  • Fundraising
  • Program Sponsorships
  • Marketing / Communications
  • Community Outreach 
  • Resource Center Research
  • Grant Writing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Administrative Support
  • Program Facilitators and Program Administrators
  • Photography
  • Videographer
  • Event Coordination



SOMFAM accepts in-kind contributions. Please refer to the list below for our current needs.

  • Class room space
  • Tables and chairs for classroom space
  • Storage room space
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Overhead projector and projection screen
  • Microphones / Sound System 
  • Office supplies
  • Bus passes for families
  • Gift cards to help families
  • Movie passes for families
  • School supplies
  • Cooking Class Supplies - ingredients
  • Free admissions to museums, zoos, recreational facilities, amusement parks, etc.
  • Swimming Lessons for children and adults – access to swimming pools
  • Exercise space, including appropriate exercise space for women


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