Empowering Our Somali Community to Thrive One Family at a Time

You are an immigrant in a new country with a culture that is completely different from what you’ve known before. You struggle to find a path to success in America, but language and cultural differences create barriers to success. You aren’t sure what resources are available to help make success possible. 

SOMFAM guides Somali men, women and youth in their efforts to build healthy, successful lives in Minnesota. Whether you have recently arrived or have been here for many years, SOMFAM can help. Our programs and resource center can help break down cultural and educational barriers while providing mentoring and support.

The difference between surviving and thriving

We empower people to be the best they can be. 

  • We empower women to be:  Strong leaders, self advocates, nurturing mothers and strong marriage partners, all while living a healthy lifestyle.
  • We empower men to be:  Strong leaders, effective providers (in business or career), engaged fathers, strong marriage partners and productive community members, all while living a healthy lifestyle.
  • We empower youth to be and develop: Self advocates, strong self-esteem, healthy relationships with family and friends, healthy lifestyles, strong leadership skills, all while staying in school and developing meaningful plans for the future.
  • We empower families to be and have:  Loving, caring, empowering, encouraging, supporting while creating a strong and healthy team that collaborates with each other, identifying and solving problems together and with mutual respect.